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"Can a notebook or laptop PC be used with Scan 'n Sew PC?"

"My computer is a 486. Can I use it with Scan 'n Sew PC?"

"My computer doesn't have a CD-ROM drive. Can I still install ScanSoft PC?"

"My PC is running Windows® 3.1. Can I use the ScanSoft PC software?"

"My monitor (or laptop screen) is not capable of displaying a resolution higher than 640 x 480. Is this a problem?"

"Can the Scan 'n Sew PC be used in languages other than English?"

"Can I get a trade-in allowance on my Scan 'n Sew II toward the Scan 'n Sew PC?"

"Is there any way that I can run the Scan 'n Sew PC on a Macintosh?"

"How do I connect the Scan 'n Sew PC to my computer?"

"How can I identify the serial port on my computer?"

"What if the pins in my serial port do not match the Scan 'n Sew PC cable connector?"

"I don't seem to have an available serial port. What should I do?"

"The cable to the Scan 'n Sew PC is not long enough. What should I do?"

"I inserted the CD-ROM into my CD-ROM drive, but nothing happened."

"Windows® 95 is unable to read the CD-ROM. Is it defective?"

"I have successfully installed the software. Will I need the CD-ROM to run it?"

"Can I uninstall the software?"

"I tried to install the software using the instructions that came with the CD-ROM. I keep getting a message that Windows can't find the Setup program. I'm not really sure which drive letter is my CD-ROM. Isn't there an easier way to install the software?"

"The software installed without a problem, but whenever I run EasyScan or EasyLayout I get a message saying that it cannot open the COM port."

"I get an error message saying "Cannot open COM port" when I run EasyScan (or EasyLayout)."

"When I fill an area of a design in EasyScan (Fill view) with stitch and color information, it turns grey instead of the color I have selected. How do I know what colors have been assigned?"

"In filling an area in EasyScan I accidentally clicked in the wrong area. How do I erase this information?"

"I have hundreds of colors of thread, but EasyScan only gives me 12 choices. How can I get more color choices?"

"Can my Scan 'n Sew II be modified to connect to a personal computer?"

"Can my Scan 'n Sew I be modified to connect to a personal computer?"

"Will Windows 98 work with the Scan 'n Sew PC?"

"I have installed SSPC Version 2. I have many designs saved in SSPC Version 1 and would like to change the size, or direction of these but don't have the option of clicking "Return to Register." Why can't I use the size options on Version 2 for these designs?"

"I am trying to find the Tutorial included with the SSPC Version 2. I have opened the Easy Scan and Easy Layout programs but can't find the tutorial. What am I doing wrong?"

"I have created and saved a layout using several designs. I opened the Easy Scan program but could not find my saved file."

"Can the Scan 'n Sew PC be used with the Memory Craft 8000?"

"I already own a flat bed scanner. Can I purchase only the software program to run the Scan 'n Sew program on my computer to use with my scanner?"

"I would like to scan a design that is too big to fit into the scanning bed. I don't want to reduce the size. How can I scan a larger design?"

"I have a large design that I would like to scan. Do I have to cut it apart to scan each segment separately? I'm having difficulty in separating areas to scan. Many of the designs I would like to use are in books that I don't want to take apart."

"When scanning a design, I try to center it in the scanning bed, but when I print out a template, the crosshairs never seem to be in the center of the design. Why?"

"How do I use Word Art to create lettering?"

"What are the system requirements for Customizer 2000?"

"What are the system requirements for Personalizer 2000?"

"Do I need to have the Scan 'n Sew PC to use the Reader/Writer with Customizer 2000?"

"Do I need to have the Scan 'n Sew PC to use Personalizer 2000?"

"I own the Scan 'n Sew PC. Do I need to purchase the Reader/Writer to have the Customizer 2000 features?"

"I own the Scan 'n Sew PC, and I've purchased the Reader/Writer. Do I need to uninstall ScanSoft PC to use Customizer 2000?"

"I've purchased Personalizer 2000 for use with my Scan 'n Sew PC. Do I need to uninstall ScanSoft PC to use it?"

"How do I specify the communication settings that the Reader/Writer or Scan 'n Sew PC will use?"

"What is the difference between EasyImport and EasyEdit?"

"What is the difference between "importing" and "pasting?""

"Will Customizer 2000 and Personalizer 2000 read Memory Cards?"

"Will Customizer 2000 or Personalizer 2000 work with a MAC computer?"

"Can you scan with the Customizer 2000?"

"Regarding Communication Settings: How should I determine which Baud Rate to select?"

"How should I determine which Channel to select?"

"What do I need to use Digitizer 2000?"

"What are the Digitizer 2000 system requirements?"

"What does Digitizer 2000 come with?"

"What is a dongle?"

"I do not own a Janome embroidery machine. Is Digitizer 2000 all I need to work with my brand embroidery machine?"

"What is the Companion CD-ROM that comes with Digitizer 2000?"

"Will Digitizer 2000 work with Windows 2000?"

"How do I obtain the Version 1.1 Service Pack for Digitizer 2000?"

"What are the key features of Digitizer 2000?"

"What is digitizing?"

"How is Digitizer 2000 different from Customizer 2000 and Personalizer 2000?"

"I have Windows 95 operating system loaded on my computer. Will I be able to connect the Memory Craft 10000 and related software?"

"Will Digitizer 2000 work with the Memory Craft 10000?"

"Will Customizer 10000 work with the Memory Craft 9000?"

"If I have Customizer 2000 with the Memory Craft Reader/Writer Box, do I have to purchase Customizer 10000 to use with the Memory Craft 10000?"

"Is the Memory Craft 10000 compatible with Windows 2000 Professional Edition operating system?"

"How do I know which cable(s) I need to purchase to direct PC Link the Memory Craft 10000 with my computer?"

"I have purchased the new Memory Craft 10000. I am also interested in upgrading my Digitizer 2000 to Digitizer 10000. Will the new upgrade include all of the new hoop sizes that are available with the MC10000?"

"I have heard of a product called Media Kit for the PC Link mode on the Memory Craft 10000. Can you please explain what it is and why I would need to purchase it?"

"I own the Memory Craft 9000 and Customizer 2000 with the Memory Craft Reader/Writer box. I am trading in my Memory Craft 9000 for the Memory Craft 10000. What other optional accessories do I need to purchase?"

"I have a desktop computer with Windows 98 and Universal Serial Bus (USB) capability. How can I use this with the Memory Craft 10000?"

"I have a desktop computer with USB, but I’m using Windows 2000. Will this work?"

"I don’t have USB on my computer. Can I still connect to the Memory Craft 10000?"

"My computer is too far away from my Memory Craft 10000 to use the direct connection method for design transfer. How can I get designs into the sewing machine?"

"I have a laptop computer. Is direct connection the best way to get design data into the sewing machine?"

"I don’t have a computer, but I do use a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) handheld device to access the Internet and email. It has a CompactFlash slot on it. Can I use it?"

"What are the recommendations for using ATA PC Cards with the Memory Craft 10000?"

"I have just purchased a Memory Craft 10000. I am interested in using the direct PC-link feature. Do I have to own software to be able to use this feature?"

"In My Set Mode, I can select Resume mode to be activated. What does this function do in the general setup of the Memory Craft 10000?"

"Will the MC10000 remember the changes I have made in My Set after I turn the machine off? Or will I have to re-program my settings the next time I turn the machine on?"

"Which brands of ATA PC Cards (also called CompactFlash cards) are the most compatible, and where can I purchase them?"

"Are there any brands of CompactFlash that I should avoid purchasing?"

"How Do I Use the Cards in a PC?"

"Are there specific steps I need to follow when removing a PC Card from my computer?"

"How can I avoid problems with my PC Card due to Static Electricity?"

"I do not have my computer next to my Memory Craft 10000. How do I use PC Cards for Design Transfer?"

"Why do I need to format my PC Card and how do I do so?"

"What is the procedure for reading the PC Design Card (1000 series) designs into your personal computer? Are the steps the same for the MC9000 Memory Cards (100 series)?"

"Which one of the Janome Software programs will give me the ability to convert other brands of embroidery formats to .JEF?"

"I have successfully sent small embroidery designs to my MC10000 several times. However, when I send large designs, they do not show up on the PC-link screen. Have I missed a step?"

"When I click on the command to Send Designs (in Customizer 10000, EasyTransfer or Digitizer 10000) to my MC10000 from my computer via PC-link, I am given an option to send to “Built-in” or “ATA PC Card.” If I select “ATA PC Card,” does the ATA PC Card have to be in my MC10000 or my computer?"

"Will Digitizer 10000 work with the Memory Craft 9000?"

"I own a MC10000 but have no software. Do I need to own software in order to download machine upgrades from the Janome website?"

"I have just upgraded my machine via the Janome website. However, after the upgrade was completed, I noticed that all of the designs I had saved in my machine’s memory banks were deleted. Why did this occur? How can I prevent this from happening again?"

"I have just purchased the Digitizer 10000 upgrade. Why do I need to request dongle access codes in order to use the entire program?"

"I have just purchased the Digitizer 10000 upgrade. After I receive my new access codes, how do I know that they have been accepted?"

"Is Digitizer 10000 compatible only with the MC10000?"

"I have sent several designs to my MC10000 via PC Link. How do I delete these designs?"

"I sent several designs from my computer to my MC10000 via PC-Link. The next day, when I turned on my machine, they had disappeared. What can I do to prevent this from happening again?"

"How do I import the Built-in embroidery designs into my computer via direct PC-Link?"

"I am updating my Memory Craft 10000 via direct PC-Link using the RS232C cable. Are there any additional steps required when updating my machine using the RS232C cable?"

"I purchased the Digitizer 10000 upgrade a while ago and successfully installed the access codes for the dongle (security device). Recently, I had to reinstall my Digitizer 10000 software. Do I have to request new access codes in order for the software to work again?"

"Since installing Version 2.0 in my Memory Craft 10000, I have noticed a new *.JBF file extension appears in my PC Link and Emb folders after I send designs to my machine. What is this file?"

"I recently received a new message on the screen of my Memory Craft 10000. It states, “Optimize Internal Memory” with an “O.K.” and “Cancel” button. What does this mean and what should I do?"

"What is the procedure for reading Memory Cards (100 series) designs into your personal computer?"

"After updating my Memory Craft 10000 to Version 3.0, I no longer have the ability to access my Edit key for designs I have sent to my machine - either via USB or using my ATA PC Card. Why have I lost this feature?"

"I recently purchased the MC300E or MC9500. It comes with an Instructional CD ROM, however, I'm experiencing a lack of sound during playback. What can I do to correct this? "

"What are the computer system requirements for installing and running DigitizerPro?"

"Can I upgrade my Digitizer software to DigitizerPro?"

"How do I upgrade my existing Dongle so it works with Digitizer Pro?"

"How can I avoid losing designs stored in Digitizer’s Embroidery Album?"

"Do I have to do anything special before installing DigitizerPro on my Windows 2000 or XP Professional Operating System?"

"Can a USB Port Hub be used when upgrading if a PC has only one USB port?"

"What is a USB Hub? What is a powered USP Port Hub? Which is better? Where can I get one?"

"If the upgraded program is re-installed in my PC, will the two dongles need to be installed?"

"If I install the DigitizerPro upgrade, and my computer crashes, will I lose my software? How can I reinstall Digitizer 10000 if my old dongle won’t work anymore?"

"When I plug my dongle into a USB port I get a warning message, stating it has not passed the Windows LOGO testing for compatibility with Windows XP, what should I do?"

"I see the Embroidery Album is still on my C: drive, but where is the DigitizerPro folder?"

"Can I use DigitizerPro with my current Memory Craft?"

"I’ve just installed DigitizerPro and I can’t send designs to my MemoryCraft 10001?"

"What is a USB Memory Key? Which brands should I choose and what is the largest size I can use?"

"Which brands of Type II CompactFlash Cards (also called CF Cards) are recommended and where can I get them?"

"I could not find an ATA PC Card at my computer store or online. What is it?"

"What are the recommendations for using ATA PC Cards (CompactFlash Cards, Type II) with the Memory Craft 11000? Why can’t I use other types of media?"

"What is an ATA-CompactFlash Adaptor?"

"Does the Memory Craft have to be turned off to insert media?"

"What is formatting and how do I format an ATA-CompactFlash, Type II Card or USB Memory Key?"

"What format should I choose when formatting my media?"

"Can I write designs to CFCard or USB Memory Keys with an USB Cable attached between my computer and Memory Craft 11000?"

"Can you create additional folders on ATA-CompactFlash Cards and USB Memory Key?"

"Can I use a CompactFlash Card from my Memory Craft 10000 version 2.21 or lower, 9700, 9500 or 300E in my Memory Craft 11000?"

"Can I use an ATA CompactFlash from my Memory Craft 10001 version 3.0 in my Memory Craft 11000?"

"How do I format my ATA CompactFlash in my computer?"

"What are the computer requirements for running Customizer 11000?"

"What sewing formats are compatible with the Customizer 11000?"

"What graphic images can I use with the Customizer 11000?"

"What methods of data transfer are available for Customizer 11000?"