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Question: When selecting All Lines, why does the shaded area appear over the entire image? Is there a way to use the function?
Topics: Embroidery Customizers/Personalizer Scan 'n Sew PC

Yes, the shaded area can be used as described below:

  1. Open EasyImport.
  2. Open the Outline Data folder. Go to File of Type and change to All Files – Select Walrus.
  3. Click on Line icon; select straight stitch 1.8 and OK.
  4. Select All Lines (Walrus becomes shaded). Click All Lines again and from dialog box click on Select.
  5. Walrus is now red, but we want the eye more defined. Click All Lines again; the image is again shaded.
  6. Place the cursor at the bottom right corner until is becomes a two-way arrow and drag the shaded box up to the top left corner. The shaded box is now a very small shaded box. Place the cursor in the middle of the box, (it becomes a hand) and drag over the eye of the Walrus.
  7. Click All Lines and from the dialog box click Undo. The eye is now de-selected. Click on Register.
  8. Click on Line stitches and select straight stitch 3.0. Click All Lines and drag the shaded box to the upper left corner as you did before, and reposition over the eye.
  9. Click on All Lines again and click on select and register. The eye is now more defined than the rest of the Walrus.