Taping Foot

Use this foot for attaching tape to the edge of fabrics. Adjust the needle drop position with the thumb screw. Guide the fabric with the left hand and tape with the right hand.

Acufeed zipper foot – Single type (ED) 9mm

Effortlessly insert zips with direct feed on top & under fabric.

AcuFeed straight stitch foot (STD) – 9mm

Single needle hole offers more support around the needle to prevent skipped stitches and puckering.

Straight Stitch Foot

Why do we need a straight stitch foot? The straight stitch foot is often used on very fine or very heavy fabrics. This particular foot is flat on the underside to provide an even pressure against the feed dogs and it has a rounded needle hole which offers the benefit of more support around the needle to prevent skipped stitches and puckering.

Concealed zipper foot (Z) 9mm

For stitching invisible zips.

Border guide foot (FB) – 9mm

Clear wide foot with many markings for perfect stitch placement.

Acuffed Ditch Quilting Foot

Center-position guide follows a seam line precisely, allowing perfect in-the-ditch quilting. Used in conjunction with various needle positions, it is also perfect for topstitching or under-stitching a facing.

Acufeed 1/4 Inch Seam Foot and Needle Plate

Guides edge of fabric to help you sew perfect 1/4 inch seams, especially useful for patchworking. The small needle hole on the needle plate prevents fabric from being pushed under the needle plate.