Remote thread cutting switch unit

Cut your sewing threads using your foot instead of pressing a button.

Acuffed Ditch Quilting Foot

Center-position guide follows a seam line precisely, allowing perfect in-the-ditch quilting. Used in conjunction with various needle positions, it is also perfect for topstitching or under-stitching a facing.

Acufeed 1/4 Inch Seam Foot and Needle Plate

Guides edge of fabric to help you sew perfect 1/4 inch seams, especially useful for patchworking. The small needle hole on the needle plate prevents fabric from being pushed under the needle plate.

Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set – High Shank models

The Free Motion Quilting Foot has been enhanced & will be available in both low shank & high shank versions…

Choose a foot to match your free motion quilting style: Set includes three different feet (Closed-toe foot, Open-toe foot & Clear view foot) that attach to the holder with a screw for maximum sturdiness & safety. This is an important tool for bringing your projects to a higher level of perfection.

Utilitarian structural design: This is where the Janome engineers have made this a great foot. Notice that the clearance has been added to the back of the foot. This important detail gives you better visibility & means that nothing gets in your way for the smoothest free-motion possible. Of course, you can adjust the foot height for perfect skimming of the fabric surface.

Clear View Foot: This clear view foot includes 1/8″ marks for even spacing when echo quilting without having to mark your fabric beforehand. This foot also has a convenient slot opening for quilting thick fabrics, & even allows zigzag stitching for free-motion appliquéing.

Screw On Zipper Foot

Can also be used as piping foot for thicker piping including the heavy jumbo cord.

Free Arm Hoop (C 50 x 50 mm)

A smaller hoop on an elongated arm for added flexibility and mobility, for smaller embroidery.

Round Hoop (F 126 x 110 mm)

A round hoop with backing, suitable for more traditional, round-shaped embroidery layouts.