The 1200D provides all the tools you need to create great ready-to-wear garments. It is three machines in one: an overlocker, cover hem, and top cover hem. It is versatile, incorporating many flatlock, blanket and overlock stitches, as well as the chain and coverstitch. You won’t need to change the needle plate or foot for a rolled hem, and the upper looper system is easily converted for a cover hem or top cover hem. The 1200D automatically selects the tension settings for each stitch so that you can sew with comfort and confidence. You’ll also find 28 optional feet and attachments. With all this, you are only limited by your imagination.

1200D Brochure



1200D_1Colour Coded Thread Guides

Thread guides are located directly on the machine and are colour coded for easy threading







Threading Chart

A detailed threading chart is located right on the machine for the easy reference of a variety of stitches.






Differential Feed 
The 1200D is equipped with a unique differential feed device designed to prevent fabrics from puckering or stretching. Dials are located on the front of the machine for easy reading and access.




1200D_4Easy Lower Looper Threading

By rotating the thread guide, the lower looper thread guides will become accessible to make threading easier. The lower looper thread guide will return to its original position automatically by turning the handwheel


Thread Overlock

3,4, or 5 thread overlock

Thread Tension Control


Rolled Hem

Easy change rolled hem

Thread Guides

Colour coded thread guides


Easily accessible loopers


Differential feed and stitch length dials

Hem Attachment

Top cover hem attachment


20 useful stitches

Double Chain Stitch


Thread Stitch


Cover Stitch


Tension Release Device


Snap-on Presser Feet


Foot Pressure Adjustment


Rolled Hem Changeover Device


Thread Cutter

Thread cutter on presser foot lifter

Upper Knife

Retractable upper knife

Separation Device

Upper looper separation device

Presser Foot Position Sensor


Carry Handle


Waste Tray


Code No. Name Description
797817009 Cleaning brush
797820005 Snap-on thread guide
797813005 Tension release clip
797261002 Spare upper knife
797818000 Wrench for replacing upper knife
797811003 Tweezers
797810002 Allen screwdriver 1.5 mm
795802108 Set of Needles (EL x 705)
797342008 Spreader Device (top cover hook)
797343009 Round Top Cover Guide (insert into R2 needle position)
797822007 Dust cover
797821006 Foam pads x 5
797008009 Sewing table for cover hem
797006100 Waste tray
797809008 Accessory case
797800009 Instruction book
C-2079 Foot control
200254007 Needle threader
797819001 Oil
797812004 Top Cover Foot (R)
797803002 Threading Reference Chart
797814006 Spool Cap
Code No. Name Description
200801005 Lace Attachment Guide

Efficient and clever, this guide folds perfect 6 mm (1/4″) edges. At the same moment it’s hemming, it attaches lace or trim placed underneath. Use with the cover hem foot.

200801108 Hem Guide

Hem edges evenly without measuring, pinning or pressing. Simply insert the fabric and the guide automatically folds and creates a 2.5 cm (1″) hem. Use with the cover hem foot.

200801201 Wrapped Edge Guide

This guide creates the look of bias tape. In addition, it also attaches premade bias tape. Hem edges evenly without measuring, pinning or pressing and duplicate ready to wear details easily.

200801304 Cover Hem Foot (M)

Makes hemming simple and easy. Can be expanded with several attachments for specialised stitches and effects.

200802006 Pintucking Guide

The pintuck guide lifts the fabric into a tuck and easily creates a corded look without the need for coding. Use with the Pintucking Foot (K).

200802109 Cording Guide

Create corded pintucks with ease. The cording is threaded through the guide and then stitched into the pintuck.

200802202 Pintucking Foot (K)

Create pintucks with ease. Use this foot with various attachments for a diverse range of styles and effects.

200802305 Cording Foot (Q)

Couch narrow ribbon, create your own decorative trims, or add bands of soutache to your next garment using the overlock 3 stitch and the cording guide.

200803007 Fagoting Guide

Fagoting is a lovely lacy effect that is created underneath and between two fabrics. The fagoting guide keeps the fabrics separated at an equal distance. Use different colored threads to achieve unique decorative effects.

200803100 Lacing Guide

Throw away those pins. Accurate alignment of lace or trim to the fabric edge is assured withthis guide. Sew lace or trim evenly on top of fabric with a cover hem stitch.

200803203 Felling Guide

Strong and durable flatfelled seams on jeans and t-shirts are a breeze to create with the felling guide. Attached to the machine, it guides and folds the fabric.

200803306 Chain Stitch Foot (F)

Easily creates that professional finish with 3 needles stitching in tandem. Use with various guiding attachments for more specialised effects.

200804008 Topstitch Guide

The topstitch covered seam guide is ideal for securing easily frayed fabrics and tidying hems away. Use different coloured thread for decorative effects.

200804101 Topstitch Foot (N)

The topstitch covered seam guide is ideal for securing easily frayed fabrics and tidying hems away. Use different coloured thread for decorative effects.

200805009 Elastic Gathering Foot

The elastic gathering foot not only takes the hard work out of attaching elastic, it is also great for making your own custom soutache. The three attachments allow you to sew 7.5 mm, 10 mm or 13 mm flat elastic directly onto fabric. Adjust the screw to control the amount of tension or pressure placed on the elastic being gathered.

200805102 Elastic Gatherer 7.5 mm

Use with the Elastic Gathering Foot for 7.5 mm flat elastic.

200805205 Elastic Gatherer 10 mm

Use with the Elastic Gathering Foot for 10 mm flat elastic.

200805308 Elastic Gatherer 13 mm

Use with the Elastic Gathering Foot for 13 mm flat elastic.

200806000 Blind Stitch Foot

The adjustable guide on the blind stitch foot ensures that any weights of fabric is trimmed, overlocked and invisibly hemmed in one quick step. Change the stitch and it becomes a wonderful guide for decorative pintucks, lacy fagoting or flatlocking as seen in ready to wear.

200807001 Gathering Foot

With the gathering foot it’s easy to create the gather you want. The bottom fabric is gathered, seamed and overcast to a flat top fabric all in one easy operation.

200808002 Belt Loop Foot

Easily duplicate the belt loops found in the garment industry using a wide or triple cover hem stitch. This foot automatically folds under bias strip edges for belt loops, decorative accents, button loops, narrow straps, etc. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

200809003 Beading Foot

Beaded trims add that special touch to any project. Deep grooves on the bottom of the pearl foot guide strands of pearls or beads perfectly into place and are secured with a flatlock stitch.

200810007 Bias Tape Foot

This adjustable foot allows you to attach 10 mm to 40 mm wide bias tape. Creating the look you want has never been easier.

200811008 Auxiliary Thread Guide

Prefer using industrial cone thread? Place unusually large thread cones behind the machine on the table and attach the guide to the antenna for smooth feeding of thread.

200812009 Cloth Guide

Attached to the machine, it guides curved fabric to straight edged, and is ideal for making table linens and bags with curves.

200812102 Cloth Guide Attachment Holder Set

Used to attach the Cloth Guide attachment to your Janome Sewing Machine.

200813000 Tape Binder

The tape binder clips on to the front of the machine and guides and folds 40 mm bias tape perfectly, doing away with the need to pre-iron. Ideal for sewing straight fabrics to curved, finish difficult t-shirt necklines, etc. with ease.

200813103 Tape Binder Attachment Holder

The tape binder clips on to the front of the machine and guides and folds 40 mm bias tape perfectly, doing away with the need to pre-iron. Ideal for sewing straight fabrics to curved, finish difficult t-shirt necklines, etc. with ease.