Horizon Memory Craft 12000

As long as there’s a new project on the horizon, the creative journey never ends. Especially when you have a machine with as many possibilities as the Horizon Memory Craft 12000. With this amazing machine, you can create designs on your laptop or PC anywhere, anytime. Once you’ve created your project, simply connect to your MC12000 and start embroidering. Only Janome brings you this perfect blend of advanced technology and ease-of-use. The MC12000 has all the functionality you’ve hoped for in a sewing and embroidery machine, implemented in ways that are intuitive, smarter, and just more enjoyable.

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MC12000-horizon-linkAdvanced PC Connection – Horizon Link

Even though it’s as easy as ever to create and edit designs on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000’s touch screen, you can take your editing capabilities ever further! You can use your regular computer to edit designs on screen. Simply use your mouse to drag, drop and edit! That means your editing screen is only limited by the computer screen you hook it up to!




MC12000-stitch-composerStitch Composer

The unique Stitch Composer program allows you to create and edit stitches from you computer. 30 stitches from the machine are built into the program, or for a truly customised experience, create your own from scratch! The program is easy to use, and transferring stitches to your machine is a snap.




MC12000-compact-embroidery-unitCompact Embroidery Unit

Great design is in the details. Janome engineers have found a way to offer large, solid, professional style embroidery – and still keep the embroidery unit as compact as possible. No other brand can offer so much embroidery space, with such a small machine footprint. The attachable embroidery unit snaps right into the back of the machine – you don’t have to worry about giant sewing spaces to accommodate bulk to the right of the needle! Plus, this innovative embroidery unit placement means you can use the free arm, even when sewing embroidery. It’s the kind of smart engineering that Janome owners have long known to expect!


MC12000-9mm-stitch-widthStitch Up To 9mm Wide

The extra width makes all your decorative stitches bolder and more distinct. Most of the 425 built-in stitches take full advantage of the 9mm width. You get 20 feet, newly designed for a 9mm stitch width, included with your machine.





MC12000-plate-converterOne Step Plate Converter

Using the right tools at the right time is important in sewing. When using lightweight fabrics, or piecing quilts, a straight stitch needle plate makes all the difference. Our One Step Plate Converter allows you to easily switch and use the perfect plate for your project. Simply press a button to release one plate; then snap a new one in place – it takes only seconds, with no screwdrivers required! This system also includes a sensor that will only allow a straight stitch to be sewn when the straight stitch needle plate is in place, so you never have to worry about breaking a needle! Both needle plates are included as standard accessories.


MC12000-acufeed-flexAcuFeed Flex

Our AcuFeed Layered Fabric Feeding System has long been legendary in the sewing and quilting world for its amazing precision and power. With the Horizon Memory Craft 12000, we’ve found a way to improve on this amazing device. Now, the AcuFeed system is removable – when not in use, simply store it in one of the ample accessory trays. Adding and removing is easy! AcuFeed now comes in two useful options. The two-pronged AcuFeed feet advance fabric flawlessly from the top and bottom. Use this system for quilting, seaming, and traditional sewing. Our special one-pronged AcuFeed feet give precise control for more detailed work, like installing zippers and matching seams.


MC12000-variable-zig-zagVariable Zig Zag

Advanced tools give advanced abilities for creative expression. The Horizon Memory Craft 1200 includes an all new feature: Variable Zig Zag. This feature enables precision control over the stitch width via the knee lift! Thread painters will rejoice at the ease of control of the stitch width. Begin with a straight stitch, then while the machine is still running, press against the knee lifter to widen your stitch to a 9mm zigzag. Release pressure to gradually return to a straight stitch for a tapered finish. This advanced control opens up amazing new possibilities for creation expression with free motion quilting, thread painting, raw edge applique, free motion monogramming and more.


Machine Size

W575 x H315.4 x D233mm


11 inches or 280mm to the right of the needle

Free Arm Length

10 inches or 254mm much longer than a standard machine

Embossed Measures

15 inches of stainless steel plate in the sewing bed with embossed measurements

Machine Screen

bright backlit LCD touch screen includes stylus

Quick Reference Stitch Chart

in the lid of the machine

Easy Stitch Selection

using the built-in tactile jog dial


425 built-in stitches grouped into Stitch Categories (i.e. heirloom, decorative, quilting, play, long, bridge, etc.)

Sewing Speed

up to 1000 stitches per minute

Stitch Width

up to 9mm

Stitch Length

up to 5mm

Stitch Elongation

satin stitches can be elongated up to 5 times longer than the original stitch size

Favourite Stitch

able to adjust individual stitches and save settings

Set Menu

personalise your machine functions via the set menu


3 fonts (Block, Script, Broadway and a Cyrillic Font)

Built-in Memory



Janome’s renown AcuFeed™ (removable dual feed system – twin type & single type)

AcuFeed Balance Dial

when AcuFeedTM engaged allows you to adjust feed if the fabric is puckering on top or below

Drop Feed


Superior Plus Feed System

7 piece feed dog; no more fabric slipping, puckering and shifting

Foot Pressure

Automatic, has a fabric thickness sensor

Presser Foot Lift Button

For easy positioning of thick projects and fabrics, raise presser foot by pressing the presser foot lift button, press again to lower

Pivot Function


Needle Threader

Built-in, easy-to-use one hand type

Easy Change Needle Plate

No more screws; the needle plate is easily removed by pressing a lever, then simply attaching the straight stitch needle plate

Needle Plate

has patented needle plate markings for precision sewing with needle drop position, angle marks and sewing guides in front of the sewing foot

Needle Position


Needle Up/Down Function

You can memorise this function. The needle can be programmed to remain in the fabric when you have stopped stitching or in the needle’s highest position

Auto Lock-Off Stitch Button

locks off your stitching at the push of button, no more unraveling

Lock Button

A safety function which locks the machine, it should be activated when threading, changing the needle or changing the accessory foot

Reverse Stitch Button



10 white LED lights in 5 locations to illuminate your work area and give you shadow-free sewing. Also, additional retractable HighLight™ a Janome exclusive

Cloth Guide

ensures exact seam allowances are maintained


Adjustable acuview magnifier (1.5 magnification)

Adjustable Knee Lifter

Adjust its position to suit you. The knee lift raises/lowers the sewing foot


In the machine lid, store your everyday feet plus the removable large accessory box gives you extra storage as well as under the free arm

Embroidery Unit

Removable embroidery unit. Sleek linear motion embroidery systemTM

Built-in Embroidery Designs

over 300

Embroidery Unit Weight


Built-in Embroidery Designs

over 300

Bobbin Thread Sensor

This sensor stops the machine when the bobbin thread is low

Embroidery Speed

Up to 1000 stitches per minute

Machine Ports

2 USB ports (A Type) & 1 PC port (B Type)

Embroidery Hoops

4 standard with machine Hoop SQ14 (with template), 140 x 140mm Hoop SQ23 (with template), 230 x 230mm Hoop GR (with template), 230 x 300mm Hoop FA10 (with template), 100 x 40mm

Carry Handle

long handle slots neatly around the top of machine

Large Extension Table

is clear and fits around the free arm making a large flat sewing area, ideal for embroidery, quilting, patchwork and general sewing

Foot Control

Retractable type

Internal Frame

Rigid die-cast aluminum frame for stable sewing at high speeds

Multi Language

11 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish



Code No. Name Description
859802006 Zigzag Foot A
859810007 Overedge Foot M
859806011 Satin stitch foot F

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