“World’s First” home-use seven-needle embroidery machine.

The MB-7 is the perfect tool to help you conquer your next embroidery project. This innovative machine is built to work with embroidery formats used by industry professionals such as .jef+, .jef and .dst. With 50 built-in embroidery designs and 10 fonts for monogramming, a USB port to easily import designs and a maximum speed of 800 SPM, the possibilities are endless. All embroidery operations are noticeably faster and smoother on the MB-7. It is compact, lightweight and portable. 

*Available at accredited Janome dealers

MB-7 Brochure

M770 Tools V2.00 Software





7 Needles and Multi Lighting

With more needles, more thread can be set at one time.  Therefore, the time required for thread exchange is reduced and work efficiency is improved. Plus there are 4 white LED lights to illuminate the hoop area.





Remote Computer Screen (RCS)

The RCS unit has an LCD colour touch screen with a large view area. There is a USB slot on the side for USB Stick and PC connection. The RCS attaches to the MB-7 or is free standing. In conjunction with Janome digitizer MBX you can run up to 3 x MB-7 machines simultaneously and all 3 machines can be embroidering different designs.





MB4-S_2ThreadCutterAutomatic Thread Cutter

The MB-7 automatically cuts jump threads – even between letters – saving you time and hassle.






MB4-S_3BobbinWinderDedicated Bobbin Winding Motor

The independent bobbin winder allows you to wind bobbins while the machine is embroidering – a real time saver.





MB4-S_4ControlUnitSub-Control Panel

Built onto the side of the machine, the sub-control panel allows the MB-7 to be fully functional without the RCS unit attached.





MB4-S_5BiggerBobbins Larger Bobbin

The MB-7 has a larger bobbin than the previous MB-4 type. It can hold 40% more thread so the need to replace the bobbin is reduced.





MB4-S_6HoopsEmbroidery Hoops

Three MB-7 hoops (3 included) snap in and out easily and provide the embroidery areas most often used in the industry. The MB-7 is also fully compatible with industry standard Tajima hoops.


Machine Size

W365 x H660 x D520mm

Maximum Embroidery Size

240mm x 200mm

RCS – Remote Control Screen

Easy to use 5.7” full colour LCD touch screen

Built-in Designs

50 embroidery designs for all 3 standard hoops

Embroidery Speed

400 to 800 stitches per minute

Independent Bobbin Winder

Able to wind a bobbin while the machine is embroidering

Larger Bobbin

bobbin is 1.4 times larger than a regular bobbin

Stop/Start Button

located on RCS and sub-control panel on machine

Bobbin Winder

independent motor can wind bobbins while embroidering

Set Menu

Personalise your machine functions and machine lighting via the set menu

Built-in Memory


Needle Plate

has single hole


4 white LED lights located over the needle area to illuminate your work area

Design Transfer

by USB Stick or direct link to PC

Embroidery Format Capability

.jef+, .jef, and .dst

Editing Functions

include enlarge/reduce, rotate, turnover, drag and drop, re-edit, zoom, arc, combine


jump thread trimming


stitch travelling

Auto Return

post thread break


hoop positioning

Thread Brand Selection

includes Janome, Robison-Anton, Madeira and Mettler

Upper Thread



time indicator

Embroidery Area Tracing


Stitch Counter


Standard Hoops

M1: 240 x 200mm M2: 126 x 110mm M3: 50 x 50mm



Code No. Name Description
803813203 Embroidery Scissor
802-424-004 Lint brush (small)
647-808-009 Seam ripper (buttonhole opener)
200254007 Needle threader
822-020-503 Large spool holder x 2
653802002 Screwdriver
792030005 Screwdriver (Small)
366401400 Accessory Box
850403006 USB Cable
770811000 Needle Set
770591001 Bobbin
624806202 Net
770816108 Oil
888804008 Tweezers
770810009 Offset Screwdriver
718410003 Screwdriver
770865009 Instruction Book
980542015 Power Cord
771801000 Instructional DVD for MB-7
IB-MB7 Instruction book for MB-7
770807003 Hoop M1 with template 240 x 200
770808004 Hoop M2 with template 126 x 110
770809005 Hoop M3 with template 50 x 50