Memory Craft 6600 Professional

The Memory Craft 6600 Professional has the speed and precision critical to advanced sewing. The MC6600P contains loads of features created especially for quilters, including the AcuFeed system. The AcuFeed Layered Fabric Feeding System ensures your sewing and quilting are even, smooth and precise on all types of fabric. The AcuFeed foot is integrated with a unique seven-point feed dog system, so your fabric is guided perfectly from the top and the bottom. AcuFeed is a unique and innovative feature – once you try it you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


MC6600P_1AcuFeed Layered Fabric Feeding System

It perfectly guides your fabric from both the top and the bottom. Only Janome truly integrates its innovative AcuFeed foot with a unique seven-point feed dog system, ensuring all fabrics move smoothly even through thick layers of quilting fabric and batting.




MC6600P_2163 Stitches With On-Screen Manipulation

Choose from dozens of decorative and quilting stitches. With its enhanced screen clarity and additional screen detail, all of the stitches are easier to choose, customise and save into memory.





MC6600P_3Start/Stop Button

When you’re doing those long seams or you’ve dropped the feed dogs to do free motion quilting over a large area, you can relax your pedal foot. The handy start/stop button makes a big difference when you spend a lot of time at your machine.




MC6600P_4Knee Lift

Raise the presser foot without taking your hands off your work. It’s like having an extra hand and it is crucial for quilting and other projects with long or repetitive seams.




MC6600P_5Automatic Thread Cutter

Simply touch the key to manually snip your thread. You can also program the snip at the end of a stitch.





MC6600P_6Wide Open Spaces

Spread out on the largest arm and bed space of any household sewing machine in our range: 9” x 5” (225mm x 120mm). The design is not only spacious; it’s also ergonomic and intuitive.




MC6600P_7Easy Needle Threader

This is another great time saving feature to get you sewing faster. Just push down the lever, loop the thread through, release, and you’re ready to sew.



163 Stitches across 4 modes


7 one-step, sensor buttonholes

Monogram Stitches

Block and script


Built-in layered fabric feeding system

Backlit LCD Screen

Enhanced backlit LCD screen with more stitch details

Stop/Start Button


Maximum Sewing Speed

1,000 stitches per minute / straight; 700 stitches per minute /zigzag

Automatic Thread Cutter

with memory capability

Speed Control Lever


Arm and Bed Space

9" x 5" (225mm x 120mm)

Visible Pressure Gauge


Bobbin Winding

Independent motor for bobbin winding

Hook System

Jam-proof, magnetic, top loading, full rotary

Up/Down Control

Front access feed dog up/down control

Stitch Width

Adjustable stitch width from 0 to 7mm

Stitch Length

Adjustable stitch length from 0 to 5mm

Stitch Editing

Both Individual And Combination



Turnover Memory


Stitch Recall

Resumption set/last stitch recall

Recall Memory Bank



Lock-a-matic, and needle up/down quick command keys

Needle Threader


Needle Position

71 needle drop positions (including 15 left to right needle positions)

Extra High Presser Foot Lift


Twin Needle Guard


Knee Lift


Beep Indicator Shut-Off


Extended Seam Allowance Guide


Large Extension Table


Multi Language

10 languages available on-screen

Standard Feet


Denim Sewing Capabilities


Electronic Foot Control


Sewing Light


Soft Dust Cover



26.5lbs (12kg)

Code No. Name Description
753801004 Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
830856109 Basting/Darning Foot P-2
832427103 Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F-2
200100708 Cloth Guide with Screw
846800233 Instruction Book
846810007 Accessory Box
846570002 Dual Feed Foot AD
846806000 Dust Cover
846401104 Large Extension Table with adjustable legs
822801001 Overedge Foot C

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