Memory Craft 6700P Professional


The Memory Craft 6700P Professional is the first domestic flat-bed sewing machine with a one-step needle plate conversion. It is the fastest domestic machine in its class with a maximum sewing speed of 1,200 stitches per minute. The 255mm (10”) of flat seamless work area is a pleasure to work on, and once the large extension table is attached, the work space is significantly increased. Lighting is no issue, white LED’s are located in 3 areas which illuminates the work space allowing you to sew at your leisure, day or night. An LCD screen along with the large chart reference chart make it so easy to navigate through the 200 built-in stitches, including 9 one-step buttonholes and 2 alpha numeric fonts including 9mm lettering and numbers. You can customize each stitch including buttonholes plus save as a favourite stitch.  Plus, this model has customisation of the direct stitch screen, you can replace 7 of the original stitches and replace them with 7 of your favourite or most used stitches, this is a great time saving feature. Quilters and designers will appreciate the AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System, and the manual controlled foot pressure which can be adjusted in very small or large increments, to perfecting stitch your chosen fabric.

MC6700P Brochure




10" or 255mm to handle huge projects

Machine Screen

Bright backlit LCD touch screen

Quick Reference Stitch Chart

separate chart slots at back of machine, stitches located in their stitch family


200 built-in stitches + lettering/numbers

Sewing Speed

60 to 1200 stitches per minute


9 different styles of auto one-step buttonhole.

Stitch Width

up to 9mm

Stitch Length

up to 5mm

Stitch Elongation

satin stitches can be elongated up to 5 times longer than the original stitch size

Needle Position


Set Menu

personalise your machine functions via the set menu


2 fonts (Block, Script, 9mm capital letters/numbers & Cyrillic)

Built-in Memory

20 Memory Banks

Drop Feed

Yes, with sensor

Superior Plus Feed System

7 piece feed dog; no more fabric slipping, puckering and shifting

Foot Pressure

Yes, stepless screw type with visible pressure gauge

Needle Threader

Built-in superior needle threader

Needle Plate

has patented needle plate markings for precision sewing with needle drop position, angle marks and sewing guides in front of the sewing foot

Easy Change Needle Plate

no more screws! The needle plate is easily removed by pressing a lever, then attaching the straight stitch needle plate

Easy Set Bobbin


Easy Set Bobbin Winder

Yes with 5 cutters on base plate

Thread Cutter

automatic programmable thread cutter. It cuts the top and bobbin thread at the same time, pulling the top thread to the underside

Needle Up/Down Function

you can memorise this function. The needle can either remain in the down position in the fabric when you stop sewing, or in the up position

Auto Lock-Off Stitch Button

locks off your stitching at the push of button, no more unravelling

Lock Button

a safely function which locks the machine. This should be activated when threading, changing the needle or changing the sewing foot


White LED lights in 3 locations

Adjustable Knee Lifter

adjust its position to suit you. The knee lifter raises/lowers the sewing foot


has an accessory case

Carry Handle


Large Extension Table


Foot Control

Electronic large type

Internal Frame

Rigid die-cast aluminium frame for stable sewing at high speeds

Multi Language




Machine Size

W516 x H300 xD220

Code No. Name Description
859810007 Overedge Foot M
859804008 Rolled hem foot D
859805009 Zipper foot E
859806011 Satin stitch foot F
647808009 Seam ripper (buttonhole opener)
822019509 Small spool holder x 2
829803004 Spool Stand
625031500 Spool Pin
102403109 Felt
859856005 Needle set
860194002 Touch panel stylus
858401008 Cloth Guide
858802003 Semi-hard fabric machine cover
859831015 Needle Plate for Straight Stitch
846271103 Hook Cover Plate
859807001 Blind hem foot G
859832005 Stabilizer Plate 9mm
859813000 Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F2
859811008 Button sewing foot T
859814001 1/4 inch seam foot O
859839002 Darning foot PD-H
859819017 Dual feed foot AD (twin)
859819109 DUAL FEED FOOT AD (TWIN)-9mm
859817015 Dual Feed Foot Holder
858804005 Instructional DVD
858800481 Instruction Book
489710007 Extra Wide Table
859809025 Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
858820007 Convertible Free-Motion Quilting Foot QB-S
858820100 Convertible Free-Motion Close-Toe Foot
858821008 Convertible Free-Motion Open-Toe Foot
858822009 Convertible Free-Motion Clear View Foot
858417007 Foot Control
830314007 Power Cord
865803006 Professional grade foot HP
865805008 Professional grade Needle Plate
Code No. Name Description
202086002 Applique foot AP 9mm
202082008 BH foot B 9mm
202083009 Straight stitch foot ST 9mm
202085001 Cording Foot H 9mm
202088004 Piping Foot I 9mm
202081007 Rolled Hem Foot (4mm) D2 9mm
202080006 Rolled Hem foot (6mm) D1 9mm
202087003 Ditch Quilting Foot S 9mm
202089005 Clear view quilting foot OV 9mm
202090009 Wide Ribbon Guide RS
202096005 Gathering Foot V 9mm
202097006 Beading Foot (2mm) L1 9mm
202098007 Beading Foot (4mm) L2 9mm
202095004 Ruffler Foot RF 9mm
202091000 Ultra Glide Foot U 9mm
202099008 Binder Foot W 9mm
202100003 Edge Guide Foot SE 9mm
202110006 Free Motion Couching Foot FMC 9mm
202135007 Circular Attachment ESB
200444408 Ribbon Foot (wide) 9mm
202201005 Ultra Glide Needle Plate Set
202216003 Clear View 1/4′ Seam Foot (9mm) OM
494710003 Universal Table Stand