Mylock 744D

The MyLock 744D with electronic control is an advanced overlocker with 2 needles and 2, 3 or 4 thread overlock stitching. The differential feed ratio, which is adjustable from .05 to 2.25, provides exceptional control for handling all types of fabrics and for creating desired special effects.

Threading is a breeze due to colour-coded thread guides and a self-threading lower looper. Simply lay the thread into the guide, flip a switch, and the lower looper is threaded. The guide is automatically returned to its normal position when you turn the balance wheel. And when you lift the presser foot for rethreading, the thread tensions are automatically released so that you can draw the thread smoothly.

The MyLock 744D also lets you quickly switch to rolled hemming without changing the needle plate. A lower looper pre-tension stitch eliminates the need to change tension for rolled hems.

ML744D Brochure

And for those awkward cuffs and trouser buttons, there is even a free arm conversion. So when you want to make the most of your time and get professional results, the MyLock 744D is unmatched.



ML744D_1Stitch Example: 4 Thread Overlock



ML744D_2Stitch Example: 3 Thread Overlock (Regular)



ML744D_3Stitch Example: 3 Thread Overlock (Wide)



ML744D_4Stitch Example: Rolled Hem



ML744D_5Stitch Example: Narrow Hem



ML744D_6Stitch Example: Picot Edge



ML744D_7Stitch Example: Decorative Overedge


Upper Knife

Easy upper knife retraction lever

Lay-in Tension Dial


Free Arm

Free arm/flat bed convertible

Rolled Hem

Easy rolled hem changeover

Cutting Width

3.1mm – 7.3mm

Feed Ratio


Thread Overlock

Seam type: 2, 3 and 4 thread overlock

Thread Guides

Colour coded thread guides

Threading Mechanisms

Lower looper easy threading mechanisms

Optional Attachments


Code No. Name Description
788618000 Spreader for 2 thread
794026004 Spare Upper knife
794622006 Attachment mounting plate
794094209 Waste chip box
794804004 Accessory box
794800505 Instruction Book
794806006 Instructional DVD
200218102 Elastic Gathering Attachment

Stitching on elastic can sometimes be a little tricky especially when you have to stretch your elastic to size. The elastic foot helps make this technique a little easier to handle.

200217101 Gathering Attachment

This attachment creates wonderful even gathers. Especially useful when sewing large amounts of fabric, i.e. bed linens and bridal gowns. With the help of this super attachment you can also gather and sew onto a flat piece of fabric in one easy operation.

200214108 Beading Attachment

The beading attachment comprises a special sewing foot and guide enabling you to sew strung beads onto the edge of your fabric. Especially attractive for bridal wear.

200207108 Cording Foot A

With the rolled hem facility on your machine you can make great use of the cording foot A. This foot is ideal for bridal and evening wear and allows you to insert fine fishing line while rolling the edge of your material giving you a beautiful firm but flexible finish.

200208109 Cording Foot B

Used in conjunction with the narrow hem, the cording foot B allows you to insert decorative cording as you stitch. This will give fine beautiful finished edges to table and other linens.

200204208 Taping Foot With Reel

This attachment consists of a taping foot and a tape reel and is useful when sewing garments in knit or stretch fabric. It will help to feed seam binding tape when sewing shoulder seams and armholes to prevent stretching in these areas.

200203104 Blind Stitch Foot

Blind hemming is never an easy technique and demands practice and patience. It is possible to use your overlocker to blind hem and the blind stitch foot is equipped with a guide to help keep your stitching straight.

200216100 Cloth Guide

As its name suggests, this guide helps keep your seams straight as you sew. Especially useful on flatlock seams and other seams where the knife is lowered.

200219103 Piping Foot 1/8 Inch

If ready made piping is not available or if you just want to make your own, the piping foot is ideal, making the task quick and easy. The piping foot is available in two sizes: 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch.

200220107 Piping Foot 3/16 Inch

If ready made piping is not available or if you just want to make your own, the piping foot is ideal, making the task quick and easy. The piping foot is available in two sizes: 1/8 inch and 3/16 inch.

200248101 Gathering Foot
792030005 Screwdriver (Small)
784810002 Screwdriver (large)
624801001 Tweezers
624806006 Nets x 4
822020503 Spool Cap

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