Janome Embroidery Bauble Decoration

Whip up a little handmade Christmas magic with our Embroidery Bauble Decoration! Check out this fun little diy sewing project:

• 2 x embroidery threads
• 2 x empty bobbins
• Organza fabric (will vary depending on how many you make)
• Wash away stabiliser (will vary depending on how many you make)
• Small scissors
• Ribbon to tie decorations once complete
• USB with downloaded designs – you may wish to combine multiple designs into one hooping.


1. Hoop wash away stabiliser with organza on top.
2. Wind a bobbin of each of the two threads.
3. Place the thread that you wish to use for the centre of the design in the machine. Also put matching bobbin in machine.
4. Attach the hoop.
5. Embroider the motif area of the circle.
6. Change the thread to the 2nd colour in the bobbin and on the machine. This will stitch the satin stitch around the bauble.


7. The embroidery bauble should now be completed. Remove from the hoop.
8. Cut around the organza and stabiliser using small sharp scissors. Be careful not to cut the stitching.
9. Rinse the bauble in water so it becomes sheer with only thread and fabric.

10. Dry and press.
11. Attach ribbon through the top of the bauble and start decorating your tree!


To access the embroidery designs please click here.
To save this project’s instructions as a PDF file please click here.
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