At a glance…

  • Sewing
  • Optic Magnifiers
  • 7mm stitch width
  • Extra wide table
  • Weight 6.9Kg


The 5300QDC is the perfect machine for dressmaking, quilting and crafting. This machine gives you time-saving features with an automatic thread cutter which trims the top and a bobbin thread simultaneously, the knee lifter allows you to lift the presser foot using your leg, giving you the freedom to use 2 hands on your creative stitching.  The 300 Built-in Stitches allows you to create using a variety of stitching techniques – Heirloom, Applique, Top Stitching, hand-look quilting, lettering, decorative stitching, stitch building, thread painting and more. For bigger projects included is a large extension table, when fitted to the machine it substantially increases your workarea. Wanting perfect stitch alignment or you just need to simply have a better view of your stitching, this model has 3 different strengths of optic magnifiers, when attached to the machine you can adjust the viewing angle or when not required, simply swing it to the side or remove it. Program stitch combinations of up to 50 patterns with the option for mirror editing. The versatile stitch chart clips right onto the machine for easy viewing. Flip to read both sides of the chart, and fold to the back of the machine for simple storage.

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Additional information

Work Space

170mm (6.7") x 110mm (4.3")

Sewing Speed

Up to 820 stitches per minute.

Machine Screen 

LCD with backlight

Built-in Stitches


Stitch Width




Needle Positions


Foot Pressure

Yes, 6 levels

Needle Threader

Yes, superior type


White LED light

Standard Sewing Feet


Extra Wide Table


Machine Size

W406 x H302 x D175mm



Free Arm Length

90mm from needle

Quick Reference Stitch Chart


Stitch Length

Up to 5mm.

Speed Control Slide


Stitch Elongation


Mirror Image Stitches



Press the Memory Key to start the stitch at the beginning again.

Bobbin Winder


Fonts in Normal Sew

1 font (Block) with numbers

Drop Feed


Superior Plus Feed System

7 piece feed dog; no more fabric slipping, puckering and shifting 

Needle Plate

Easy Set Bobbin feature and has patented needle plate markings for precision sewing with needle drop position, angle marks and sewing guides in front of the sewing foot. In front of the bobbin cover are seam guide markings from left to right: 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch & 5/8 inch.

Thread Cutter

Automatic thread cutter; cuts top & bobbin thread at the same time, pulling top thread to underside.

Stop/Start Button

Ability to sew without a foot control attached. Holding the Start/Stop button when starting to sew, makes the machine sew slowly. When finishing press & hold the Start/Stop button and the machine will sew slowly then stop when you release the button.

Needle Up/Down Function

Yes, this function as a memory setting. Default setting is to finish in the down position.

Auto Lock-off Stitch button

Locks off your stitching at the push of button.

Reverse Button



Yes, the set of 3 AcuMagnifiers are supplied with this machine (20/40/60) Magnifications being 1.2x / 1.4x / 1.6x

Adjustable Knee Lifter

Has a standard knee lift, not adjustable.

Upper Thread Sensor


Bobbin Thread Sensor



Accessory box 

Carry Handle

90°rotary short type(136mm) Neatly folds into the top of the machine.

Foot Control


Internal Frame

Rigid die-cast aluminium frame for stable sewing at high speeds



·   Zigzag Foot A
·   Overedge Foot C with brush
·   Zipper Foot E
·   Satin Stitch Foot F
·   Open-to Satin Stitch Foot F2 *
·   Blind Hemming Foot G
·   Overcast Foot M
·   1/4˝ Seam Foot O *
·   Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
·   Darning Foot (open-toe) *
·   Even Feed Foot (open-toe) with Quilt Guide *
·   Cloth Guide *
·   Optic Magnifier 20 with Magnifier Holder
·   Optic Magnifier 40
·   Optic Magnifier 60
·   Quilt Attachment Set * (above parts with * located in set)
·   Janome Plastic Bobbins x 4
·   Needle Set (Janome needles)
·   Additional Spool Pin
·   Screwdriver (lge)
·   Lint Brush
·   Seam Ripper (buttonhole opener)
·   Spool Holder (large) x 2
·   Spool Holder (small) x 2
·   Foot Control
·   Wide Extension Table (white)
·   Knee Lift (standard, not adjustable)
·   Power Cable
·   Instruction Book
·   Instructional Video DVD
·   Quick Reference Stitch Chart + chart holder
·   Hard Machine Cover



Part Number Description
820815002 Applique Foot F
200321006 Beading Foot (set of 2) up to 4mm beads
202504001 Bi-Level Foot 7mm/5mm top-loading
200313005 Binder Foot
820817015 Adjustable Blind Hem Foot
200434003 Border Guide Foot
200136002 Button Sewing Foot T
202106009 Circular Sewing Attachment
200345006 Cording Foot (3 thread slots)
200349000 Darning Foot (closed-toe)
202002004 Convertible Free Motion Foot Set
200341002 Ditch Quilting Foot
200449001 Clear View Quilting Foot & Guide Set
200311003 Even Feed Foot with guide
200339007 Even Feed Foot with guide (open-toe)
214518005 Ditch Quilting Guide & Adjustable Quilting Guide for even feed ft with guide
214517004 Convertible Even Feed Foot SET
941660000 Fringe Foot
200315007 Gathering Foot
820809014 Hemming Foot D (2mm)
200326001 Hemming Foot Set (4mm & 6mm)
200317009 Pin Tuck Foot Set (7 & 5 groove)
200324009 Pintucking Cord Guides
200314006 Piping Foot
202502009 Piping Foot (narrow) 7mm/5mm top-loading
200332000 Ribbon/Sequin Foot
200316008 Roller Foot
943100000 Ruffler
202218005 Sliding Guide Foot
200331009 Straight Stitch Foot
202311009 Taping Guide Foot
801426003 Tricot Foot
200329004 Ultra Glide Foot
200333001 Concealed® Zipper Foot [Conceal is a registered trademark of YKK Corporation]
200342003 Adjustable Narrow Zipper Foot (L/C/R)
820811008 Invisible Zipper Foot (wide)
Part Number Description
202006008 Bobbin Holder for Free Motion Quilting
990109000 Needle Size 9 (15×1) Sharp
990111000 Needle Size 11 (15×1) Sharp
990112000 Needle Size 12 (15×1) Sharp
990114000 Needle Size 14 (15×1) Sharp
990116000 Needle Size 16 (15×1) Sharp
990118000 Needle Size 18 (15×1) Sharp
990100000 Needle Mixed (15×1) Sharp
202122001 Purple Tip Needles #14 BP
200346007 Blue Tip Needles #11 BP
990416000 Denim Needles #16
990500000 Top Stitch Needles #11/14
990600000 Leather Needles #11/14/16
5105080BL Organ Universal Needle – size 12/80 [pack 5]
5506000BL Organ Microtex Needle – size 8/60 x 3 | size 9/70 x 2 [slim sharp point] [mixed pack 5]
5116000BL Organ Titanium Needle – size 11/75 x 2 | size 12/80 x 2 | size 14/90 x 1 [mixed pack 5]
5117075BL Organ Embroidery Anti Glue Needle – size 11/75 [pack 5] multi-directional stitching
820828008 Twin Needle (2mm) sharp
5102048BL Organ Twin Needle – size 12/80  width 4mm
5102057BL Organ Stretch Twin Needle – size 11/75  width 4mm
202010027 Plastic Bobbins x 10 BP
202010038 Plastic Bobbins x 5 BP