Stitch Combination


The Stitch Combination feature can be used to program decorative stitches to create unique pattern combinations to decorate your sewing projects.

This feature is available on Continental M7 Professional, MC15000QM, Skyline S9, S7, S6 & S3, Memory Craft 9450QCP, Memory Craft 9850, Memory Craft 6700P, Memory Craft 8200QCP, Memory Craft 6650, 5300QDC, 4300QDC & DM7200.

Stitch Elongation


Introduced originally on the Memory Craft 6000 in 1983, the stitch elongation function is a feature, on many of the current Janome computerised sewing machines

Stitch Elongation allows for specific satin stitches to be sewn at different lengths, without having to change the stitch density or stitch coverage of the stitch no matter the length of the stitch.

Using the stitch elongation function, the satin stitches can be sewn at their normal length or at x 2, x 3, x 4 or x 5 times the length of the normal stitch length.

Common satin stitches which can be elongated

When using the stitch elongation function, you can create unique stitch patterns, combinations and embroideries using your sewing machine. Plus, you can adjust the individual stitch width and length within a stitch combination or when elongating the individual stitch.

Try out stitch elongation with this fun project below. We would love to see what you create using stitch elongation, post a picture to our socials to let us know.

Click for instructions to make a Decorative Stitched Mug Rug


Current Models with Stitch Elongation Function

  • Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker
  • Skyline S9
  • Memory Craft 9850
  • Continental M7 Professional
  • Memory Craft 9450QCP
  • Memory Craft 8200QCP
  • Memory Craft 6700P
  • Memory Craft 6650
  • Skyline S7
  • Skyline S6
  • Skyline S3
  • 5300QDC
  • 4300QDC
  • 780DC
  • 740DC


Buttonhole Foot with Stabilizer


It is quick and easy to create the perfect sized buttonhole on your Janome sewing machine, when you use the Buttonhole foot (R). In this video we are demonstrating how to easily create a buttonhole using the Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker, the basic procedure for creating a buttonhole on other Janome sewing machines (refer to your instruction manual or visit your local Janome stockist for more information on which buttonhole foot your model has)

To get the perfect sized buttonhole easily, the button is placed into the back of the Buttonhole foot, giving the machine the exact measurements of the button. The machine will then sew the buttonhole to the perfect size for the button to fit through. Once the buttonhole has been sewn, it can then be repeated multiple times, until you have sewn all of your buttonholes needed.

The buttonhole feet for selected models, also come with a stabilizer plate, which sits underneath the Buttonhole foot. With the Stabilizer plate attached the fabric is placed between the Buttonhole foot and the Stabilizer plate, the fabric now has stability and wont become puckered or pushed down into the needle plate when sewing the buttonhole.

Adjusting Buttonhole Size

On the Buttonhole foot used in the video, there is an adjusting screw that can be turned to lengthen or

shorten the buttonhole. Once you have inserted the button into the buttonhole foot and stitched a test buttonhole, then turn the screw indicated (2) and the mark on the buttonhole foot (3) will move depending on the direction the screw is turned (L=Longer, S= Shorter)

Current models with Buttonhole Foot and Stabilizer Plate

Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker, Skyline S9, Continental M7 Professional, Memory Craft 9450QCP, Memory Craft 8200QCP, Memory Craft 6700P, Memory Craft 6650, Skyline S7, Skyline S6, Skyline S3.

Check your machines manual to see if your model comes with the Buttonhole Foot (R) and Stabilizer Plate.


Embroidery Hoop Movement Key



Did you know that you can easily access the areas of the top of the hoop without having to take the hoop off the machine? If you have ever been embroidering an applique design or been embroidering an in the hoop project and you have needed to remove the hoop from the machine to trim fabric or to set up the next step?

There is an easier way, you can use the hoop movement icon to move the position of the hoop to the top of the hoop. This makes it easier to access the whole embroidery hoop area and there is no need to remove the hoop from the machine and no chance that you could accidently un hoop your project.
With the machine stopped, you can press the hoop movement icon and choose from 4 options of where you would like the embroidery carriage to move to

• Top Left
• Top Centre
• Top Right
• Carriage home position

The first three options will move the needle position to the top of the hoop in the top left, center or top right position of the hoop. This gives you access to the entire hoop area so that you can trim fabric/ thread/ lay down your next fabric piece/ zipper to be embroidered. Once you have finished, you simply touch the hoop return icon and the embroidery hoop will go back to the correct spot for you to begin stitching again.


Janome Intelligent Feed System (SFS-i)

The Intelligent Feed System (SFS-i), is the latest evolution of the Janome Superior Feed System +.

The Superior Feed System + features a 7 piece feed dog that moves in a box feed motion, as opposed to the traditional elliptical motion. This means that when the feed teeth come up from below the needle plate they all come up at the same time, gripping the fabric from below and moving the fabric evenly. At the end of the movement all of the feed teeth drop at the same time, ensuring that there is no fabric movement when the needle is in the fabric. This style of movement, combined with Adjustable Foot Pressure, give the SFS + models strong and consistent fabric feeding capabilities.

On the Continental M7 Professional, a new feature has been added to the SFS-i, where the feed teeth will automatically lower when the foot is raised, and the feed teeth will then raise again once the machine begins sewing. This is especially handy when sewing with bulky fabric, overlocked fabric, stretch fabric, t-shirt fabric and fabric with a looped pile, as the fabric can easily be placed before sewing and removed at the end of sewing without any risk of the feed dogs catching on the fabric.


Stitch Composer Software


Have you ever looked at your sewing machine and wished for another stitch that would look perfect on your current project or have you just wanted to create your own unique sewing stitches that aren’t available to anyone else?

The Janome Stitch Composer PC software gives you the ability to create your own unique sewing stitches right on your computer screen. Once the stitches have been created, they are then exported via USB stick to be sewn out on the supported machine. The stitches are easy to create using the intuitive software and can be built from imported images or you can let your creative flair run wild and create from your mind, either way you will be delighted with the results.

Learn more about creating your own stitches in this video which takes you through the process to create your own stitches.


You can also create a stitch pattern using a background image. Click here to find out more.

The Stitch Composer software is included with the following current models Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker (included as a part of the Horizon Link Suite), Continental M7 Professional, Memory Craft 9450QCP, Skyline S9 and the Skyline S7 (the software was also included with the Memory Craft 12000 and Memory Craft 9400QCP.

HP2 Foot


AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot (HP2) Part Number: 202 415 004


Combining the Professional Grade Foot (HP) with the AcuFeed Flex system, Janome have created the AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot (HP2).

The HP2 foot is great for curves and precise topstitching, the narrow foot width and shape of the slit at the front of the foot giving superior visibility compared to other feet. The shape of the foot allows the foot to remain horizontal and the top feed dog provides smooth feeding of the top layer of fabric in sync with the bottom layer of fabric.

When sewing with the AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot (HP2), the Professional Grade Needle Plate (HP), must be attached to the machine and only the available stitches for use with this needle plate will be shown. The Professional Grade Needle Plate and associated feet (HP & HP2) utilize the left side feed dogs, resulting in a stable fabric feed and optimal stitch formation, similar to that of an industrial sewing machine.

The AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot (HP2) is an included accessory with:

  • Continental M7 Professional
  • Memory Craft 9450QCP

The AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot (HP2) is an optional accessory for:

  • Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker (Ver 3.0)
  • Memory Craft 9400QCP
  • Memory Craft 6700P

For Sewing:The HP2 is great for quilting and sewing leather or vinyl, it is also great for eliminating puckering when sewing knit fabric.

For Quilt Piecing:The Janome AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot (HP2) is sized perfectly for sewing a scant ¼” seam, just match the edge of the foot against the edge of the fabric and sew the perfect scant ¼” seam.

AcuFeed Flex System



Features of the AcuFeed Flex System

  • Upper Feed Teeth moves forward and then gently moves the fabric back with the Lower Feed Teeth
  • Upper Feed Teeth REPLICATES Lower Feed Teeth for maximum contact with fabric and better fabric movement, eliminating gathering, puckering and pulling
  • Twin Dual Feed Holder Upper Feed Dogs reach in front of the needle to assist in feeding from the fabric when sewing from the edge of the fabric
  • Interchangeable Sole allows for a variety of specialty feet and applications

The system uses Upper Feed Teeth in conjunction with the Lower Feed Teeth to gently move the multiple layers of fabric through the machine. The Upper feed teeth move with the fabric as the Lower feed teeth move, feeding both the top and bottom layers of fabric at the same time.

All AcuFeed Flex models come with the Twin AcuFeed foot which is a mirror image of the regular feed dogs. When the foot is lowered it then applies pressure evenly to the top and bottom of the fabric, which allows for both layers to be moved together at the same rate.

The Twin AcuFeed foot is unique because the feed teeth extend in front of the needle allowing for fabric in front of the needle to be moved by the upper feed teeth. This feature gives the AcuFeed flex system an advantage over other feet which only begin moving the fabric with the upper feed system once the fabric is past the needle.

The AcuFeed Flex system is set up so that the Upper and Lower feed teeth both move at the same rate, but there are times when the Upper feed is required to move at a faster/ slower rate. This allows the top layer of fabric to move at a different rate, eliminating puckering or stretching of the top layer if it is a different material to the bottom layer. The feeding rate of the Upper feed teeth is regulated by adjusting the Dual Feed Balance (refer to your instruction on how to adjust).

AcuFeed Flex is a feature only available on premium Janome sewing models Memory Craft 15000QM, Continental M7 Professional, Memory Craft 9450QCP, Skyline S9, Memory Craft 8200 QC, Memory Craft 6700P, Skyline S7, Skyline S6. There are three variation of Acufeed Flex feet available in the Janome range Twin, Single and Professional. There are many different options to choose from so we have listed all options below.

The twin AcuFeed Flex is Standard Accessory for ALL AcuFeed Flex models
• Dual Feed Holder (Twin) 859 817 004 (Standard part)
• Dual Feed Sole AD 859819109 (Standard part)
• Dual Feed Open Toe UD (Twin – Sole only) 202 149 004
• ¼” Piecing OD (Twin – Sole only) 202 103 004
• Ditch Quilting STD (Twin – Sole only) 202 103 006
• Straight Stitch (Twin – Sole Only) 202 102 005

AcuFeed Flex – Single
• Dual Feed Holder (Single) 859 833 006
• Dual Feed Foot VD (Single – Sole only) 859 835 101
• Dual Feed Foot ED (Single – Zipper Sole only) 859 838 001

AcuFeed Flex-Professional Grade Foot
• For use with Memory Craft 15000QM, Continental M7 Professional, Memory Craft 9450QCP, Memory Craft 6700P
• HP2 – Straight Stitch Foot – 202415004